Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How To Make a Trapezoid in Inkscape

Inkscape is a "free treasure," if there is such a thing.  My thanks to all who have spent countless hours bringing this powerful vector graphics editor to all of us freely.

I struggled to learn how to make a simple symmetrical trapezoid in Inkscape.  I found the answer here but it took some searching.

  1. Draw a rectangle.

  2. Convert it to a path (Path > Object to Path)

  3. Use the node select tool (F2) to select the two corners of the rectangle that you want to adjust to form a trapezoid (You have to hold down the shift key to select multiple nodes).

  4. Press the comma or period keys to move apart or bring together the nodes.

Step 4 doesn't seem to be well documented, but it sure is a handy trick!

"Draw Freely!"

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