Saturday, November 17, 2012

HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography

High Dynamic Range Imaging is the technique of taking multiple exposures of the same scene and then merging them into one image.  This allows for a much broader, more "dynamic" range of light, where with a single exposure either the bright areas would be washed out or the dark areas too dark.

Here are the three images I worked with:




And here is the final composite HDR image:


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Talefolk™ - Going to Heaven

"You can frighten, guilt, and threaten people out of Hell," he said, "but you cannot guilt or frighten them into Heaven.  One cannot work or worry oneself to Heaven (not to say that idleness or lack of responsibility will get you there, either).  People are loved into Heaven.  Of course, some are loved and still do not choose Heaven - Heaven would not be Heaven if you could force people there.  But as people are shown and feel the Love of God (most often through those that love like He does), they realize that nothing else in the world can compare with it.  And if they allow it to take root and nourish and follow it; and keep their eyes on it; and return to it despite all hazards, temptations, and distractions - they will find Heaven."

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Talefolk™ - The Will of God

"Some people speak as if the will of God was like fate - predetermined, unchangeable," he explained.  "This is a false assumption based on the truth that God knows the future and what choices people will make before they make them.  But it is the opposite of faith for a woman or man to fail to importune God because they presume that He will not hear them or that doing so will not change anything.  It is the will of God to work miracles and bless His children, but often only if we seek and ask Him.  If we will not do this, then indeed the will of God is that miracles cease, we dwindle in despair, and become lost without knowing we are so."