Monday, February 3, 2014

We Are Broken

I am cracked and chipped.
I leak.
There are so many vessels that hold more water than me.

Oh. I see you are cracked too.
Wow! How'd you do that?
That is a weird break.
(Glad I'm not broken like that.)
(At least I can hold a little water.)
(Did I just say that out loud?)
(No. Whew! Good.)

WHOA! AAAGH! *Crash!*
Oh great! Just look at me now!
This is worse than that cup I saw the other day!
I am completely useless now!

I see you.
Don't worry about that.
It's just a scratch.
You wouldn't believe it to see me now
but I once was shattered into a thousand pieces.
I hope you never have to go through
what I went through.
(But you do.)
(Everyone does.)
(Did I just say that out loud?)
(No. Whew! Good.)
(I couldn't have handled it either.)


  1. Did you just exercise a creative writing muscle with this piece? I love it. It's true and hits home and is ponderous too. I hope you're feeling better healthwise. Thanks for sharing.

  2. "I can see You in singing skies and dancing waters,
    Laughing children, growing old,
    And in the heart and in the spirit,
    And in the Truth when it is told."
    John Denver

    What you wrote is Truth with a capital "T" being told.


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