Thursday, June 5, 2014

Be careful what you wish for

“Oh, my son,” he said wistfully, “the Universe is designed to give you what you want.  It sees what you love and what you want by how you spend your time, and what you sacrifice for.  After a time, it gives it to you, and then you find that what you wanted was not what you thought it would be.  So you set your heart on something else, and the process repeats itself – over and over – each time refining you, or perhaps revealing you.  Your destiny, whether dark or bright, is indeed inside you.”

“Youth rarely heed the mumblings of the old, but we mumble nonetheless: those whose seek to give, to build, to nurture, and to heal become glorious.  Those who seek to take, to excel, and to conquer become terrifying, lonely, and ultimately impotent.”

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