Thursday, May 4, 2017

What I Wish I Could Hear

You are good enough. I love you just the way you are. Yes, maybe you aren't as smart as her, or as good-looking as him, or as well-liked as so-and-so, but that's OK. I didn't create you to be like them. You are a precious, unique, one-of-a-kind child of God. If there are parts of you you don't like, or behaviors that cause you or others pain, I will love you and work with you through those things. Maybe you can change or improve them, and through your efforts you will learn more about yourself. You may find that some things you thought were barriers or limitations were actually only in your mind. And you may encounter other barriers and limitations in yourself that you didn't know were there, which is a humbling process, one that can help you be more understanding of and compassionate towards others. What personal limitations, strengths, flaws, and talents you have or don't have, and can change or ultimately cannot change - is what you are here in mortality to learn and experience. But before, after, during, and through all of it, the watchword is love - for yourself and for others. This includes compassion, patience, effort, sacrifice, balance, persistence, and surrender.


  1. I really like that. I will take it a step further and say, "What I wish we all could say, and mean."

  2. I hope you know I love you, you are good enough, nothing needs to be added or taken away. You are whole, complete, and beautiful in all your humanness. Own it.


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