Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Windows Administration From My Workstation

I've always wanted to know how to bring up a command console or Explorer window as an administrator with full privileges, instead of having to remote login to the server.  This link tells you how:

Here's how to bring up a "remote" command shell on another Windows computer (you already need to have administrative privileges on it):

I've already installed SQL Server tools on my workstation, so I can manage my SQL Server from there.  But today I figured out how to install the Active Directory MMC snap-in at my workstation.  The only catch is figuring out how to run it with administrator privileges (see above link.)  The following link explains how to install the AD snap-in at your local workstation:

After you run MMC and add the Active Directory Users & Computers snap-in, you can save the mmc console as an .msc file, move it to %windir%system32, and create a batch file to run it with one click from your start menu:

runas /user:DOMAINadministrator "mmc AD.msc"

(Thanks, scripting guys.)

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