Friday, August 28, 2009

Windows Command-line Tool: SubInACL

One of Windows' strengths in the ability to apply very granular, detailed permissions to your file system and shares.  However, this makes for some fairly complex permissions settings.  One of Windows' weaknesses is its command line (which had been more than remedied with PowerShell, I think).  But I found a tool today that enables me to take ownership of files and folders from the command prompt.  It's called SubInACL.  It looks like the ultimate Windows command-line ACL tool.  (CACLS.exe is just a joke.  It can only do the simplest of things.  And the /T option doesn't descend down more than one directory deep.)


Here's the command I used to take ownership of everything in the current directory:

subinacl /file * /setowner=me

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